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Little Treasures Inc.

Little Treasures Inc.

We believe that each child is unique and our educators embrace that uniqueness!


Welcome to Little Treasures Inc.! We believe that our services have a tremendous impact on the lives of the families we serve. Our educators have a great responsibility to provide a service that offers the most caring, nurturing, educational, and fun atmosphere possible while maintaining a safe, respectful, and positive guided environment.

We believe that the centre is an extension of the family and therefore we wish to work closely with the parents/guardians by means of discussions, meetings, and other communicative ways to promote positive relationships and development for both the child and parent/guardian.

We believe play is an important part in early childhood education and we strive to give the children a balance of opportunities to both direct his/her own activities and have an educated, experienced educator engage them through experimenting, discovery, feeling, seeing, smelling, touching, hearing, and imagining. We believe positive guidance techniques, such as redirecting, problem solving, and giving choices whenever possible, combined with a positive attitude and love are an important part in facilitating a child’s character.


We offer a structured and unstructured program including activities in math, science, music, and art!

Happy customers

“It really means a lot when we can drop our kids off and know that they are in great hands. The staff at Little Treasures in Airdrie are so kind, friendly and inviting. They truly love our kids as much as we do and care for them as if they were their own. When my youngest daughter had to stay home for a few days due to a cold, she was so upset to not go to daycare! When she could return in a few days she flew out that door as fast as she could when I told her she could go to daycare! The staff at Little Treasures are far more than daycare workers, they are our moms/dads away from home, the shoulder our kids cry on, the friend they dance and play with and look up to and the ones who are there if they get hurt or sick. ”

“Little Treasures is a fantastic daycare! All the staff are so kind, caring and welcoming. The daycare itself is very clean and inviting for all kids and families. Our kids absolutely love it there and are so happy! It speaks volumes when you know you can drop your kids off and have a peaceful feeling that they are well taken care of and so happy. We would highly recommend this daycare to any family looking for a home away from home. The kids are loved by the staff as if they were their own." – C.E.

"We consider Little Treasures Airdrie to be part of our family. For 3.5 years I've watched my son grow and mature under their care. We love the smaller group sizes and the staff who actively engage with the children. Their supportive, nurturing environment allows me to work full-time without feeling any Mom guilt." - J.H.